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Past Articles:
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The Psychology of Medical Killing
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There is a growing movement of those who adhere to a "one world government". Many hold to a Biblical perspective or a view which holds that corporations are trying to abolish the "nation-state". You may not agree with all of this video, but it gives a "window" as to why people are starting to adhere to this "globalist" philosophy. {Video}

A new American documentary gives a possible future political and economic outlook for the United States. (USA 10/21/09)

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Radical Islam connection to Nazism {Video}

T4 Medical Killing Program (Historical document)

BBC Special Report Euthanasia (United Kingdom)


Australian government says healthy under 5s should not be given seasonal flu jab (United Kingdom 6/2010)

What happened to the Flu Pandemic? The British Medical Journal reveals conflict of interest between WHO and pharmaceutical companies. (United Kingdom 6/2010)

Bilderberg's Annual Meeting: Planning the World's Future. (June 2010)

Leaked documents show plan for "Green New World Order" by 2012. (United Kingdom 3/1/2010 Paul Watson)

After Copenhagen failure Gordon Brown calls for new group to police global environment issues (UK 12/21/09)

Tony Blair says it doesn't matter if the science is not correct...let the global taxation and regulation proceed. (United Kingdom 12/13/09)

Life-threatening swine flu vaccines recalled in Canada. (Canada 11/09)

Bloomberg reports swine flu could be man-made! (USA 11/24/09)

Climategate: five Aussie MPs lead the way by resigning in disgust over carbon tax (United Kingdom 11/26/09)

Inquiry called for in manipulation of climate change data. (United Kingdom 11/23/09)

India challenges, while questions of fraud begin to arise concerning Western scientific data involving climate change. (India 11/22/09)

 Brainwashing is a combination of fake evangelism and quack psychiatry in a setting of false science.” (1960), page 185. Brainwashing  by Edward Hunter


Man-Made Climate Change given religious legal status. (United Kingdom 11/09)

Hackers expose Man-Made Global Warming conspiracy.(USA 11/22/09)

More data on hacked e-mails concerning Man-Made Global Warming cover-up. (USA 11/22/09)

Copehahen talks stall (11/2009 India)

Copehagen Climate Change Treaty Draft as of September 2009.

Copehagen Agreement could bring in New World Order and taxation. Override USA Constitution and sovereinty. (USA 11/3/09)

Al Gore, after stating that the science was settled on man-made global warming; finally admits that carbon dioxide NOT the main reason for climate change. (Australia 11/4/09)

Planned Parenthood Director quits after watching abortion on ultrasound! Claims money motivated push of abortions.(USA 11/2/09)

In America more children vaccinated at school without parents consent. (11/2/2009)

German leaders to receive special "clean" vaccine which does not have harmful additives in vaccines given to general population. (Germany 10/2009 translated)

German soldiers to receive "special" flu vaccine without harmful additives. Different than what the civilian population to receive. (Germany 10/12/09 translated)

Peaceful protesters, innocent bystanders at G20 in Pittsburgh, PA USA told to dispurse, but then blocked from dispursing, arrested. (USA 9/30/09)

Growing discontent of worldwide economic fraud and corruption as well as growing global centralization bring a mix of mostly peaceful protests to the G20 summit in Pittsburgh, PA. (link to Reuters story USA 9/25/09)

"A vaccine is being developed in conditions of amateurism such as I have never seen. Lets take the pessimistic hypothesis: one death among every 1000 patients. There are plans to vaccinate 60 million people, and you so you already have 60,000 deaths, and this time, young people, children, pregnant women.

„What you are saying is serious because many people are getting ready to get the vaccine and you, you are saying: „You must not get a vaccination!
„YES, it is a vaccine that has been developed at great speed in conditions that put in danger the public health. There is a need to return back to the obligation that politicians have right now to protect citizens against the desire of the pharmaceutical industry to make money with all these vaccines. There is a public health code of law from 2007 which obliges all health professionals who give their opinions to reveal their interests. That law is ridiculed every day. All the people who you see saying: „the flu, its very serious, have interests, their lines interests, and that is why they say what they say. The public health administration is an example to us of a daily violation of the law. I am a medical specialist and I am against medicines that have no purpose. This vaccine is not just badly developed: it is not developed!

Dr Marc Girard, a specialist in the side effects of drugs and a medical expert commissioned by French courts, has said said on French TV that the "swine flu" vaccine could cause 60,000 deaths in France, especially among young people, children and pregnant women.
He also said that the people promoting the "swine flu" vaccine are doing so because they have links with the pharmaceutical company.

The problem with the "swine flu" vaccine is that it is not just "badly developed" but "not developed", he said, adding that it is being prepared in conditions that endanger the public health.

Health workers refuse swine flu vaccine (United Kingdom re-posted 9/19/09)

UN wants new global currency to replace dollar (United Kingdom 9/15/09)

With American corporate/state run media filtering and censoring more news, many Americans are turning to foreign media and alternative news to get the facts. (USA 9/13/09)

Estimated 1 million march on Washington to protest government. (United Kingdom 9/13/09)

Danish scientist Niels Harrit, on nano-thermite in the WTC dust ( english subtitles ) Denmark posted 9/12/09)

After being ridiculed by American media, Charlie Sheen issues challenge for a live, unedited debate with anyone, including magazine Popular Mechanics. (USA 9/11/09)

American actor/activist Charlie Sheen speaks up for families of 9/11 victims and first responders in mock letter to President Obama. (USA 9/8/09)

A growing number of architectural and engineering professionals are calling for a new investigation into 9-11. (USA 9/6/09)

A few former 9-11 Commission members claim "cover-up". Here is an interview with one of them: Max Cleland. (USA Re-posted: 9/6/09)

We must never forget 9-11. A call is being made for a new investigation, because of numerous unanswered questions. (USA 9/6/09)

Neurologists have been ordered to monitor whether new swine flu vaccinations could trigger a deadly nerve disease. (United Kingdom 8/16/09)

German health expert says Swine flu virus vaccine may increase risk of cancer. (8/13/09 Germany)

"Climate Money", written by an environmentalist, details how money has been made and spent pushing the pseudo-scientific "man-made" global warming "religion". (8/12/09)

Obama's top science and technology advisor John P. Holdren has been forced to issue a statement in which he denies advocating the totalitarian population control proposals outlined in his own academic textbook (USA 7/15/09)

Has Man-Made Global Warming become a religion? Polar Bear expert is excluded from meeting because he holds alternative scientific viewpoint. (United Kingdom 6/27/09)